Suitable for

It is suitable for all souvenir shops, bookshops, tourist places.

Some examples:

    • Cities of art
    • Monuments
    • Theme parks
    • Amusement parks
    • Zoos, aquariums
    • Natural attractions
    • Sea places


How to get it

To get our Penny Souvenir Machine is veri simple:

1You choose the 4 designs and we give you the sample of the 4 Penny Souvenir

2You approve the designs and we start the production

3When ready, the Penny Souvenir Machine is delivered to your place

Our best guarantee is the complete satisfaction of all our customers

The advantages
of our product

  • Profits immediately: starting from the first day, you earn money
  • No sales commitment: the customer creates his/her own Penny Souvenir by him/herself
  • No electricity: it works mechanically
  • Profits multiplied: one can create up to 4 different Penny Souvenirs with the same Penny Souvenir Machine
  • No maintenance necessary: each component is controlled many times and this guarantees a continuous use in perfect conditions


The advantages of 
Made in Italy

  • Reliability: totally designed and realized in Italy
  • Quality: built using first choice materials
  • Guarantee: assistance by email, Skype, phone
  • Elegance: the details and the shapes are designed and made on the renowned Italian style
  • Innovation: continuosly under study to improve the quality during time
  • Functionality: engineered to work perfectly with Euro coins; top performance also with all the other coins

Uboldo (VA)


VAT: 02847700123