What is the Penny Souvenir Machine



Also known as "penny press machine", it is a little machine manually working. With it anybody can create, by his/her own coin, his/her own, exclusive and unique Penny Souvenir or "elongated penny" or "elongated coin".

Everybody can afford his/her Penny Souvenir because it costs usually one only euro!

How it works

1One chooses the design he/she likes more for his/her Penny Souvenir by turning the wheel into the position of this design into the circle

2One inserts the two coins into the coin slide and pushes

3One turns again the wheel and in few seconds the own coin is turned into the Penny Souvenir chosen, that comes up in the box below the wheel



    • It is suitable for any place
    • It attracts adults and children
    • It is discreet thanks to noiseless mechanisms
    • The attention of any visitor is catched by:

- The brilliance of the wheel in stainless steel and the colors of the gears
- The customization of the base
- The transparent coverage that allows to see how the mechanisms work to make the Penny Souvenir

It is more safe than the other machines because it has a wheel with a rubber grip, confortable also for all the children

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