The Coin Machine

We give to all the opportunity to get, without sales commitment, his/her collection coin.

  • Our Coin Machine works with electricity and it takes up little space (0,13 mq). It can be customized with logos and decorations, suitable at the place where it will be put
  • It is noiseless and satisfies all customers who wish to carry with them a souvenir of their experience, obtained totally self service
  • It is a vending machine therefore no salesman is needed
  • Made in Italy

Dimensions: widht 35 cm, height 154 cm, depth 38 cm.

It works with coins of different values.

Voltage 220 volt, power 2 watt in stand-by and 35 watt in use (1 second for coin).

Uboldo (VA)


VAT: 02847700123